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What Is Adoption?

Posted by Emily Byford on Feb 1, 2019 12:21:00 PM
Emily Byford

Our Adoption Education Specialists provide accurate information on what adoption means. 

What Is Adoption?

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Adoption is a plan biological parents make for their baby or child when they are unable to care for them. Parents work with an adoption agency to help find new parents for their child. Gladney has a specialized staff of counselors and caseworkers to help parents work through this decision and customize their plan to fit their preferences. We provide free services such as counseling, medical care, food, housing, and many more.

Adoption is a very brave decision and a way to make sure the child is loved and cared for. There are several reasons why a parent might make an adoption plan. It could be for financial reasons, like not being able to afford food or shelter for the child. Or the biological parents may have decided to break up.

Gladney believes that good things can come from difficult situations. And adoption is one of those good things. We are here to help provide the best care possible for parents and children.  If you need help contact us today on our website, text or call us at 800-452-3639.

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